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OneShot Golf Review: Strangely Addictive

Ok, so I don’t usually do reviews or anything like that, but I haven’t been able to hit the range or course since Sunday due to my work schedules, so here we go.

I am always on my phone looking for golf-related topics, and whatever the internet throws at me, that looks entertaining. Today I came across an App that is different from pretty much any golf game I had seen before, called OneShot Golf.

The app puts a spin on putt-putt golf, real-life play, and online play. I didn’t understand it at first myself; not even after reading the description did I understand. Here is how the company describes what they have created:

OneShot Golf is a brand new skills-based mobile game that puts YOU in control of REAL-WORLD golfing robots for a true-to-life Esports experience! Players compete against each other in daily tournaments for real life prizes on a selection of different golf courses.

Screenshot Image

So I went to the Google Play store and downloaded the app. Sure enough, you log in and control a user interface dropped over what looks like a putt-putt golf course hole with a robot arm swinging a putter that you are managing. The game also gives you a pinball-style feel when you look at the app.

You get a couple of free plays when you first start the account, and then you are awarded a free each day when you open the app. After your free plays you must use tokens that can be earned or purchased in the game itself.

Their courses consist of 5 holes that paired together, usually with a theme, and multiple holes to attempt. As the name suggests, you are allotted one shot per hole and only 30 seconds to complete that shot. The holes range from flat to very obscure “hills” just as you would face playing putt-putt. The more complicated the putt, the more points you earn if you sink it in your “OneShot.”

Your points are saved and can be used to buy tokens, the in-game currency to play in tournaments, or trade for merchandise.

I burnt up all of my free plays and tokens earned fast, which means a few things. The game is fun and is a new experience that tons of people could enjoy. It is easy to use and understand, so it opens up to demographics that would like to play. Also, the prizes are to places that people frequent regularly; Walmart, Starbucks, Applebee’s, etc.

The only downfall that I was able to see about the game was around free plays. While the free plays are excellent and very generous of the developers to give you that free entry each day, the wait time associated with the free plays can be up to 5-9 minutes before you start. The popularity of the game generally has waiting lines maxed out (16 players waiting). However, you get to watch the players before taking their shot while you wait, which is a pretty cool feature. You can also post some preselect emojis and phrases on the screen while you wait regarding the occurring shots.

It is fun to kill time and pretty exciting when you land a good shot for quality points. I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys golf, pinball and is bored with simple cell phone apps. I would love to see what experience everyone is having with OneShot Golf. I also left you with a quick video of what it looks like to play the app. If you check it out, leave a comment on your thoughts about the app.

download OneShot Golf App - Path2Par Link
Download OneShot Golf App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store by clicking here.