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What is the WellPutt Training Mat, and How Does it Benefit Golfers?

What is the WellPutt Training Mat

The WellPutt Training Mat is a unique golf mat that provides a realistic golfing experience for beginners to improve their skills. The mat replicates the interaction of the ball and the turf with visual aids to help you learn.

Boasting the title of “#1 Putting Training Concepts,” WellPutt is backed by some of the best in the business. Cameron McCormick, coach to PGA Tour Pro Jordan Spieth, stated, “WellPutt allows all golfers to progress quickly with innovative concepts!

The Benefits of a WellPutt Training Mat

A WellPutt training mat is an excellent way for golfers to improve their game, considering that almost 50% of the strokes on a golf course occur with the putter in hand. It helps them get the feel of the green and train on putting. It also provides a strategic advantage by assisting them in lining up shots and getting the ball rolling in the right direction.

The mat is made of a durable, non-slip fabric that can be rolled up for easy carrying and storage when it’s not in use. The mat is designed to be heavy enough to stay in place on most surfaces, whether you are practicing indoors or out.

Golfers benefit heavily from the ability to practice their short game almost anywhere. The ability to practice from home or on vacation takes a lot of the need to be at the course or range to improve and, in turn, opens one’s availability to practice.

How to Use a WellPutt Training Mat to Improve Your Game

There are a few ways the mat can improve your putting ability.

First, you could just hit balls from various positions on the mat using printed graphics. While this may not be the most structured approach or one that will give the most return on your invested time. However, because of the mat’s intuitive design, a golfer could take away some excellent feedback with any direction.

Second, suppose you download the free app from WellPutt, which is available on Android and IOS. In that case, several courses have been pieced together using the graphics on the mat. The course is 18 different shots awarded a number of points based on difficulty. You can track the results within the app and store that round of data to track progress. Giving golfers the feel of a randomized practice has been proven to help with overall growth in golf. More importantly, in my opinion, is the fact that it adds the element of pressure and competitiveness to the practice session. Two things will be involved during your rounds at the golf course with friends.

Lastly, you have social games that it has created within the app for you to play with your friends and family. If you have golf buddies that over and want to practice some putting, what better way than to create a game out of it. Again, this will include some pressure situations and ramp up the session’s competitive nature.

My Experience Training With The WellPutt Mat & Products

I was pretty excited when I arrived home and saw the boxes on my front doorstep for the 13-foot Classic Mat and the WellStroke putting stroke patter aid. After opening the boxes, I was utterly blown away by the overall quality of the products.

I immediately downloaded the app to give as much feedback as possible regarding how much a player could expect to improve. I completed a round on the “orange course” this would be the base for my progress. Both items were intuitive, allowing me to set them up and begin practicing with almost no direction. Over the next few weeks, I made sure that I took about 20 minutes per day to complete a round on the same course and recorded my scores. I was pleasantly surprised by the growth from my day one score of 45 to a day 14 score of 60 in their respected scoring system.

When I arrived at first green after practicing for two weeks with the WellPutt Classic Mat, I was excited about how easy it all transferred. While it is nice to see how one could progress using the mat, the real test was to see if that success could transfer from the mat to the greens on the course. After accessing the green line that the putt needed to be on, I addressed the ball. Without thinking, my mind envisioned the designs I saw on the practice mat. It was like I was still on the mat at home, which brought a sense of ease and confidence to my stroke more than I had prior. I just repeated what I had been doing at home and recorded one of my better days putting.

Overall I could not have been happier with the product, from the shipping to the quality to resources in the app, and most importantly, the results. The mat’s approach and design allow you to practice almost anywhere, and the structure it creates translates amazingly well to real-life putting.